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Getting there


Friday, April 23, 2004

gonna have a two week hiatus in lessons for Golden Week, so to keep them interested in the class i ran a quartet game, groups of five, using the target language could i ask you a favor, Kumi, and Could you give me 5A? I'm afraid I can't /Sure no problem.

Great to hear the laughter and the buzz as they really got into it. The great thing was they had to learn the names of all the people in their group. Bingo! And the game got them all friendly together, so overall it will improve the class atmosphere immensely.

Prior to that a mix and mill complimenting each other on their good qualities, writing it down on colored cards and while they played the quartet game I stuck them all up on a poster in the classroom, peer publishing.

As I walked by on my way home I saw some girls reading en passant...bingo!