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Getting there


Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter me...(first year i've even noticed since i've been in Japan..) I woke up this morning and realized so far i haven't even mentioned the continual assessment system which I have adopted from my generous colleague, Wayne.
The weaknesses in my system last year was the self-evaluation sheet, which the students took as some kind of joke, although it was good in the classes where I walked round and asked each student about how they had filled it in, and why they had filled it in that way, but I took one class before the exam so there wasn't time to talk t them all, only about half... The third term was so short, I ditched the whole system and simply went on minitests and a final exam, while calling names of students to ensure a kind of overall participation... I had no way of assessing how they were performing or giving them credit for my mix and mill free conversation....
Writing this now I see I don't have the courage of my convictions...adopting Wayne's scheme means I am forced to spend five minutes at the end of every lesson collecting money, and during the lesson I spend energy handing out money...and I will have to collect the sheets every two weeks or so to copy out the points anyway.
If I had been that organized last year i coud have reinforced my own self-evaluation scheme more successfully. Aha! So in the second term perhaps I will switch to that :) because I want the students to feel in control, and responsible. I remember a student I apologized to last term for giving her a weaker grade though i knew she wanted a higher one, and she said, that's ok, it's my responsibility, i didn't do the work. And I do feel it is important to look for what you are learning in things yourself. Ho hum....