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Getting there


Thursday, April 29, 2004

ohboy oh boy typing out the vocab sheet student responses with a view to giving it back to them, just how much time was spent, one third of the class responded at one hour, with seven over and nine under and one no responses, two extras...
Eleven people equally said that the definitions and the example usage of the word took the most time.
In response to too much work, a third had no response, 10 said yes and 9 no, with no having more positive and detailed reponse.
Of the yes people, two were in the twenty minute slot, two in the two hour slot, one in the half hour slot and the other four in the one hour slot.
Of the yes people, seven found section 16-20 most difficult, and three found 11-15 the hardest.

Ok, so there's the data.

What exactly is the diary, a kind of teacher's log to jot down notes and thoughts? or should it be structured with a particular view to motivating strategies>.. what would this look like, lets write one and give it a try....