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Getting there


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

pretty amazing, Wayne your system is interesting!!!

took the time to check the stamp cards for my high school students, and it was good to mark down the interim scores in my mark book, but what really worked for me was when I pencilled the marks into the seating plan:

I can see quite clearly which students are participating, and which are not, and how I may be concentrating my attention on particular people.
Since I have an overview of low scorers, tomorrow I can call their names and ask them to participate more actively, or encourage them with extra money, attention.

I was able to call on all students evenly by the end of last year, when I knew all th names and characters, but the term has just started, and to be able to see it so clearly is pretty amazing.
The only drawback is it takes a lot of stamping and checking and pencilling in, took me a good hour for the one class, what with the worksheet, and so it eats up time, but I feel at the moment it is making the pain of handing out all this stupid money in class a bit more worthwhile.