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Getting there


Thursday, April 29, 2004

so back to the data. I asked the students in my second discussion sheet day three to brainstorm ideas for how to make the vocabulary sheet less work. Nine groups of four students each answered:

Use a textbook specified at other economic lectures
Use the dictionary/Use an English-English dictionary
Use the newspaper/ Use an English newspaper/read "Japan Times online"
Examine the words on the internet
Use computer/Use excel, not pen/ Use an operating manual of computer

Cut example, because it's hard to remember
Reduce words/Reduce number to 10/ Reduce questions

Share vocab

We have to get used to the workload
Our group thin that your idea of vocabulary sheet is very good!

I was hoping for the share vocabulary response, because my aim is to have students exposed to as much of the specialized vocab as possible. Of course the time involved reading texts and thinking about the words is the most beneficial, and particularly 16-20 where students try to use the new word themselves I consider really important to begin to use the vocabulary...
I will not accept the option of cutting the number of words: 200 new words/phrases a term is not too much to expect, considering the scope of the field. How to motivate students to write in phrases, rather than single words?

How to make sure they are really checking each other using English, and not being inhibited to mark a fellow students' paper wrong, therefore ending up with a total score of 43 each week....