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Getting there


Friday, April 23, 2004

Student Response to Test 1: (Total 35 students)

No 5 What happens if you speak Japanese?

Correct answer ( open book test/ scanning from Classroom Rules)
I should make a note and to translate it into English at home, or if there is time, with friends in class.
(9 students)

Blank/ no answer: (7 students)

“It is not good for studying, but to understand what to do.”/ I feel comfortable/ I don’t understand what I have to do. (3 students)

“The atmosphere of class breaks down, I think”/ Everybody begins to speak Japanese. (2 students)

“Well….I hope, nothing” “ I have no idea” (4 students)
Speaking Japanese makes me bad. (1 student)

It doesn’t make grow English skill./ I can’t speak English better/ Can’t develop my English skill/ My development of English skill will be slow./ Try to speak your English. (9 students)