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Getting there


Friday, April 30, 2004

Thursday student comment on Day 2

Coming on time:

I like this class very much. I'll try to do my best. I'll come on time.
What I don't like about this class is that it's the in the first class in the morning on Thursday. I have practice in the morning. So it is hard to come on time. But this class seems to help to improve my English skill. So I try to come on time as much as I can.
I like this class. But I can't wake up early...
I was so tired. I like Economics, but it is so difficult if Economics is involved with English.

Hard but motivating:

This class is hard. Because I'm busy at the seminar of accounting.
I thought this class was very difficult. So I have to try to do a good job.
I think this course is difficult, but I want to study hard.
I don't know much English words. But I will study hard economic English.
It was difficult for me. But I try my best
The class is very hard for me, but I like the class very much because I will get a lot of skills.
I'm interested in this class. I should study hard more.

Because I'm interested in English I enjoyed this class very much! I'm looking forward to next class!
I like this class. It's fun!

Vocabulary check was useful and group work was interesting! Thank you for your teaching.
I like group discussion.
Groupwork is very interesting.
Discussion's theme is very interesting.
It was interesting for me. I thought we should know leader's role.
I like this class because we can speak in English and share our opinions.

I take interest in to talk English in this class. So we can have an opportunity to speak English conversation. It will help us to improve the English skills more.

I like this class because everyone can participate in activities. And the homework that we are given by this class will be useful for our life.
To discuss smoothly would be difficult, but it is very interesting for me. Every homework is valuable to manage.

Need support*
I want teacher speak Japanese to talk about most important coment. If I undertand it, I can try to understand other comment.
This class is a little difficult. Sometime I can't understand what you say. I try to learn a more varied vocabulary.
I think, I like this class, but I need more information in both activity and class work.
Like- Ms. Suzuki uses English a lot. Dislike- too much work in class and out of class.

Giving up??*
I dislike this class. Because too difficult.
In Japanese: kitsui. tsuitekenai. = too hard, I can't cope.