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Getting there


Monday, April 19, 2004

well my brain feels frazzled, I am in a pickle. Having set up the syllabus, instead of jogging along with my textbook i'm trying to parallel teach networking skills, groupwork skills and presentation skills as well, and beginning to realize i'm going to have terrible conflicts of time....plus setting up more communicative tasks, oh boy sad I was so rushed to make the decisions about the textbook, I see I made it more on the basis of lexis and content than how the material is presented, so now i feel i want to doctor like hell only i don't have the energy...talk about setting myself up. ha ha. Of course i enjoy agonizing over how best to do it, losing sleep and thinking of more and more things to tweak, but all in all if I'd had quicker access i think i might have plonked for macmillan. And lo and behold, the publisher has messed up and the book isnt available til mid -May!!!!!!

My lexical work is an experiment in itself, I could have set it up more like spidergram a lexical field each week, that might have been a better idea, to set up verb links and hierarchies. Think about it for the second term: finance no less!