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Getting there


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Amazing how the blog sort of leads me to think, and then I put it back in the blog and hold on to the realizations...like it seems to stand out how much the non-participating moodmaking student and his not doing the vocab properly and using the cell-phone in class feel threatening to me, personally, and when i try to think of it with a more NLP approach, which is the way I want to look at things, he is doing what is best for him at the time and it has nothing to do with me. So i can move round to thinking, ok, he obviously doesn't get the point of the vocab sheet or the class, and how can i make the goals more clear to him so that he can tune into them, or find a way for him to participate with whatever he may have to suggest as an alternative. It's just not about me at all.
When I talked about sensitivity to language levels, polite and informal, that presupposes that he is interested. But the bottom line is i don't think he is clear yet why he is in the classroom and what he wants to do there, how it can be made to work for him. So I need to talk to him and help him explore that a bit more. Like Zosia said, he is obviously a great free thinking spirit, and being a bit of one myself, i also always tend to make people defensive, i see in my activities in webheads, that what for me is signalling lack of clarity and asking for help, and exploring how things fit me personally is perceived as negativity.