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Getting there


Saturday, May 01, 2004

grankageva: well, i wrote it
grankageva: now i'm going to sit down to see if it's possible to analyze it
stingerguy2001: how much time was it to cover?
stingerguy2001: analyze it for what?
grankageva: analyze it for motivation strategies
stingerguy2001: you lost me on that one
grankageva: to see how they change as a function of time
grankageva: i have to show that a blog is useful as a research tool
grankageva: that's the assignment
stingerguy2001: oh..you mean personality and goal changes with learning and experience?
grankageva: well, according to a process theory of motivation
grankageva: different strategies will be necessary
grankageva: along a course:
grankageva: creating basic motivational conditions
stingerguy2001: hmmmm... ok..
grankageva: generating initial motivation
stingerguy2001: I about half follew that
grankageva: maintaining and protecting motivation
grankageva: and encouraging positive selfevaaluation
stingerguy2001: sounds like eduspeak to me..
grankageva: so i figure my strategies mentioned in the blog
grankageva: would be located heavily in the first two
grankageva: and not in the second
grankageva: seeing as its the beginning of the course
grankageva: and if i plot how many times i mention each strategy
grankageva: i should get a graph showing a shift over time
grankageva: in my blog
grankageva: of course it would be best over a whole course
stingerguy2001: ok....I think I follow what you're saying
grankageva: and if i don't, then it calls into question the process theory, does it not?
stingerguy2001: sounds right to me
grankageva: or says that i need to be more aware of it in my planning
grankageva: or whatever
grankageva: that is then an analysis problem
grankageva: the question is if my blog should just be a check record of said strategies after each class
grankageva: or a free written narrative
stingerguy2001: I dunno.. it sounds like some edu snob making up a confusing theory to make busy work for total confusion
grankageva: which i then go back and analyze
grankageva: oh dear
grankageva: you mean it doesn't sound like a valid thing to research?
stingerguy2001: perhaps I don't really understand what it's about
grankageva: i thought it was really good
grankageva: maybe i just got caught up in all the smoke?
grankageva: the question is if i should rewrite the blog as a simple checklist of strategies
grankageva: or leave it as it is, with narrative and feelings
stingerguy2001: I dunno hon.. it just seem to be delving into someone's personality for no real reason..but then.. I'm a private person and allow others their privacy as well
stingerguy2001: I'd trust a person's instinct and feeling for teaching more than any time wasting research into motivation
grankageva: yes, but you can use it to analyze what i do
grankageva: and where i can improve
stingerguy2001: but that's just me..you know better what is needed to survive in that world than I do
grankageva: well, don't worry
grankageva: i have to get on with it
grankageva: if it all falls apart, i still have time to rethink
stingerguy2001: good luck
grankageva: the 4000word thesis has to be done by mid-July
stingerguy2001: education in the physical world is much easier than pursuing the nebulous relm of opinion
stingerguy2001: you're saddled with the task of convincing someone that you have a valid idea..for a mechanist like me I know that math and science can be proven or disproven and opinion has little bearing on truth
grankageva: of course
stingerguy2001: we think in different realms of reality..
grankageva: that's all research is ever about
grankageva: well any truth is always objective
grankageva: that's what Heinlein's all about, no?
stingerguy2001: I don't have faith in much that cannot be repeated successfully every time
stingerguy2001: all else is circular argument without end
grankageva: nothing ever can
grankageva: except perhaps dropping an apple
grankageva: but even then it's a different apple
stingerguy2001: exactly.. that's my realm of reality...the rest is open for speculation and debate...no matter how many times you drop an apple it will fall to earth
grankageva: even physicists are getting fuzzy nowadays
grankageva: not on the moon
stingerguy2001: yes..they are..in the depths of subatomic
stingerguy2001: lol...kvetch kvetch kvetch
grankageva: i want to copy this conversation, it is very interesting
stingerguy2001: feel free
grankageva: do you mind if i post it on my blog?
stingerguy2001: you may if you so desire
grankageva: there's a paragraph in Nunan about how the big debate on the value of quantitative or qualitative
grankageva: research is all about what your perception of truth is
grankageva: that's why this conversation is so interesting
grankageva: like you say
stingerguy2001: it depends on the area of research
grankageva: we have a different perception of truth
grankageva: or what is valid, i guess
stingerguy2001: I'm as opinoinated as anyone else I suppose
grankageva: i must try and set up an excel file to check the blog for these strategies
grankageva: if it's no good, i'll have to rewrite another blog using strategies as a checklist from the start
grankageva: like when i get home after the lesson i would go through the list an dnote down which ones i used
stingerguy2001: would be easier that way I would think...reverse engineering the assignment
grankageva: rather than doing it a posteriori
stingerguy2001: lol
grankageva: ....but it would be a totally boring blog
grankageva: not a blog, just a log
grankageva: it wouldn't be a diary any more, would it?
grankageva: a strategy log
grankageva: awfully boring to read
grankageva: if i could just kill my need to unload in a blob of words
grankageva: and simply run a checklist after every class,
stingerguy2001: use your skills at creative fiction writing after the fact using the motivational analysis as a guide
grankageva: well there are 35 strategies
grankageva: oh god i'm getting all confused
grankageva: so i could just jot down the numbers and short content of the ones i used per day
stingerguy2001: lol..maybe the nap would be the best choice for the moment .. tackle it when your more fresh in mind
grankageva: in a special log?
grankageva: rather than write a blog about my feelings and moods and agonies
grankageva: and thoughts?
stingerguy2001: I'm just throwing out ideas.. you must chose the approach you think will be most effective in achieving your goal with this
grankageva: i could start this, speak of it as a pilot project
grankageva: it does say in the assignment to devise a format for your diary
grankageva: so the pilot project suggested it would be more effective to just use a checklist
stingerguy2001: research on your method of research?
grankageva: well, yes
grankageva: that's what this is, researching how useful blogs are as a tool of research
grankageva: kind of two layers
stingerguy2001: I see
grankageva: i guess that's why it attracts me
grankageva: it's a killer assignment
grankageva: guaranteed to throw you
grankageva: too convoluted
stingerguy2001: it's way over my head...I get dizzy just thinking about it
grankageva: i can see that but like a moth to the flame...
grankageva: i can't not want to do it
grankageva: all the others just leave me cold
grankageva: plus you see motivation is another moving target
stingerguy2001: it's your choice I suppose...I'd give this thing a wide berth if it were me and find something more concrete to pursue
stingerguy2001: but that's the difference between us , isn't it?
grankageva: it's called a high inference behavior
grankageva: cos you have to infer it's there
grankageva: you can't see or measure it directly
grankageva: so you have a high inference behavior with a
grankageva: qualitative messy observation tool
stingerguy2001: I prefer things that can be measured...but you already have infered that I'm sure...
grankageva: and have to prove the one is useful to research the other
grankageva: and useful is a moving concept to
grankageva: all in the definitions
stingerguy2001: it sounds to me like trying to capture smoke with a butterfly net
grankageva: i know, but somehow i can't let go of it
grankageva: I'm like a dog worrying with an old rag
grankageva: shaking it this way and that
stingerguy2001: lol
grankageva: growling
stingerguy2001: I hope you can make it work the way you want it too..... good luck with it
grankageva: oh well, best get on with it
grankageva: i'm 42 today you know
stingerguy2001: your birthday?
grankageva: what a way to start a new year of life
grankageva: i bet i get a nobel prize
stingerguy2001: happy birthday love...
grankageva: for obfuscating?
stingerguy2001: lol....
stingerguy2001: that catagory has won more then one of them...
grankageva: k, well see u later
grankageva: back to my rag
stingerguy2001: bye hon... happy rag shaking
stingerguy2001: keep me posted on your progress