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Getting there


Monday, May 10, 2004

Oh this is phenomenal: I never could plan, but I can blog!!!!!!and as I blog, I see the weakness in my timing!!!!There is no way I can ask students to produce and test on the same day, they need time and homework to solidify all these strange new graphy words...so I have whipped up a review test of the three sectors of the economy, easy marking match the Q&A number to alphabet grid for the last twenty minutes, and we can take our time over exploring the new words and ways of describing graphs, with the personal cloze as homework if they don't finish, along with a couple of reinforcing textbook exercises.

That way I can run the peer activity with five coupons for ten points as a testnext week, including students handing in their own cloze activity to be evaluated for ten points, too..

Whatever's the matter with Mary Jane?
And it's instant spaghetti for dinner again :P