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Getting there


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Sitting here looking through the vocab sheets, double checking. I think i'll introduce spot checks as the students get more used to it and understand the system better...I can't do so much work every time, hours and hours of it... I even sent out two emails to students whose address i have, so they don't trip up again in the next class.
I have been very lenient with deducting points for wrong translations or for a useless sample sentences that are not related in any way to Economics: She lives in affluence...I suggested "The Japanese people live in relative affluence, but the size of private housing remains small."or "He deliberately broke the glass" I suggested: Mitsubishi deliberately hid the design flaw in their hubs." From the next class I must stress that I will not be so lenient as the course proceeds, and that I insist they use vocab and issues related to Economics, now that I have given them a couple of weeks to get used to the system.
I hope that with the peer example they will get into swing, and I must go over the discussion work in my next class and remind them that they can take a friend's sheet and learn that if they are pressed for time, only that they had better make sure they get one that's worth learning...