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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Student Response to Vocab sheet:Q in test one: 4/22/2004 (30 students)

How did you find the words for your vocab sheet?Using textbook 5
Internet pages 8
Using dictionary of economics 4
Using Economist article 8
Email homework hints
Using phrases I couldn’t say in class2
Reading assignment from other course”TOEIC” “Japanese Economy”5
Using the newspaper2
Using E=J dictionary
Using Japanese “Micro- Economics” textbook

How long did it take you?· 10~20mins 4 (one incomplete, one not handed in,only fifteen words)
· 30 ~45mins 5
· 1hr 10
· 1hr 30mins
· 2hrs 6
It took about a whole week. Because I wrote down words when I hit on an idea. The 4th section took the most time I have never make sentences in economic English words. The work is a little bit hard for me but I try to study hard.
It did not take much time, so I think it is not hard but interesting work.

Which section took the most time? Why?6-10 2 because I used the textbook mostly.
11-15 11 I didn’t know much words/ because I must use English/English dictionary2/ To understand the definition in English was hard for me/ Because I had to collect the long sentences into concise sentences./ Because I have to translate a word in English.
Because I had to explain in English.2 Because first I looked up economic words. Then I looked up English- English dictionary/ I didn’t know how to clarify the words, but now OK.
16-20 11: Making the sentence is difficult for me. /Because I have to use the internet and write down./ It was difficult 3 / Because I couldn’t recall examples/Because I can’t think of the idea./Because when I made a sentence, I had to understand the word’s meanings totally./ Because I have to consider this section by myself/ Because I’m sleepy.

Each section took the same. It is hard work for me because on Thursday I have seminar. But I try it.

Do you think it is too much work every week?

No reply 11

Yes 9 I think too much work is to adapt in an Economic English

(No 9) It isn’t too much. 2/ I think it good quantity./ The work is a little bit hard for me but I try to study hard 2/ I think it is proper./ Not hard, but interesting work./ I think this is good enough every week./ I think I could do it well after I get used to it.

Students in the Day 3 discussion sheet brainstormed ideas for how to make the vocabulary sheet less work. 9 groups (4 students each) answered: Use a textbook specified at other economic lectures
Use the dictionary/Use an English-English dictionary
Use the newspaper/ Use an English newspaper/read "Japan Times online"
Examine the words on the internet
Use computer/Use excel, not pen/ Use an operating manual of computer
Share vocab (This option I also recommend)
Cut example, because it's hard to remember (Necessary to begin to use words, so not acceptable)
Reduce words/Reduce number to 10/ Reduce questions (Not acceptable)
We have to get used to the workload
Our group thin that your idea of vocabulary sheet is very good!
Renata’s idea: 1. start with part 3 or 4 and you will find words for translation. 2.Use the original text for part 4(sample sentence) if you have no time to research.