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Getting there


Monday, May 10, 2004

What I hope will happen tomorrow:

After the vocab sheets I will run down the student answers to the group discussion, focusing mainly on the three part structure of agreeing as tabled in Question 2 of last time: Agree, paraphrase the statement, and add new info.

I have typed out a selection of the class answers to six of the discussion questions, some good, some mediocre, and I want the students to look themselves at what peers have said and decide which answers are especially good and why, and notice that a range of opinions and answers were possible. So I will print it out for class.

After the break I would like students to do two short cloze exercises to practice graph related verbs and then write a short cloze quiz with three gaps(format: statement, look at this graph, the unemployment rate has declined gradually) to match the graph they were asked to bring in to class.

The test will consist of half the class in turns completing five peer quizes verbally and agreeing with the hypothesis (or not...), recieving five peer-signed vouchers worth twelve points each in an allotted time.(10mins/2mins per graph)

I will collect named student envelopes each containing five different peer-signed vouchers to take home and log with the vocab sheets for a mark out of 100...I hope....