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Getting there


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

woke up this morning thinking I'd better re-explain that a) the English phrases used to test the vocab sheet are very useful for group discussion, to clarify things, and b) part three, which is about definitions and synonyms is very useful when agreeing with someone, if you have to rephrase what they say that you agree with in different words.

and set them up for more success by offering a scripted version of how a group leader co-ordinates the first four questions, having each student take one scripted question and being the group leader in turn, so they get used to it, and then leave them to get on with the last six questions after the break.. That way even if they didn't do the homework, they will be revising and hearing the pattern as they proceed.

Thanks Matt for your comment! I guess it was a little too much...the questions are all reruns of homework, so if they didn't do the homework and think about it, they'll have nothing to say, or take time to warm to the topic....I guess I'm going to have to rethink the homework aspect...or discuss again what exactly I consider homework to be, because I don't think you can only discuss in class time if you haven't been thinking about the issues at home.....Admittedly some students didn't have the textbook, but a few e-mailed me with the problem, and I prepared an alternative worksheet to read and think about, summarizing the assignment, which I also handed out. So it seems to me that that wasn't carefully looked at either. So I need to be clearer about what I expect. Classroom Rule number two, Do your homework so that you do not inconvenience other students in pariwork/ group activities, needs to be renegotiated.....