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Getting there


Thursday, June 17, 2004

do I wish i had had my taperecorder on me today...

going round checking vocab, and then explained the time frame for the class..unfortunately one of my students complained that they lost half the vocab marks for not having a checker's name on the sheet..I list up the checkers and they must work with a different person every week, so I dock the marks if they use the same person, or have no name. Everyone...i'm sorry, but i explained the terms, and everyone else is in the same boat, i remarked...other students have now completed the requirements for the course and will get an "A"...one of my A students was surprised, but I said I hoped the class was still worth coming to,....they are exempt from the final exam.

anyway, focally I ran the students through the role play, chorus practicing and chalking up the role of President, and practicing all the self-introductions, then the "Today we are meeting to discuss investment proposals for the bank", and "Let's hear from the investment manager for..." and on to "Does anyone have anything else to add?" and "Let's take a vote. All those in favor of Malaysia..."
At this stage they are free to vote as they wish.

Then in their original same slot groups i asked them to take different color papers, and then asked them to group in the Blue Bank, and the Green Bank, etc. and write the answer to their vote on the back of a color paper when they were finished and hand it to me, so that I know they are finished. (This also meant I got a clear answer from each group, although they tend to sit and slack off when they are finished, so I had to go round and actively collect the papers...)
Then we did the whole thing again in different groups: funnily enough with totally different results for every bank (the presidents stayed, the staff rotated)
I went round listening in and giving advice, everyone was working really well, in the second round even prompted one of the students to take out and show the graph they had prepared, good work.. All in all I am very pleased with the role play, well done,
and then after the break I moved them all far far apart for the test.

Star students finished really early, and I whipped through the marking and gave back the papers in situ as they left, so that I only had about of a third of the papers to carry home.

Nice class.