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Getting there


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tested a couple of students personally during the vocab check time, and then began the central focus of the lesson with a couple more spot-checks, to reinforce the fact that I'm serious about how they mark each other.

The next fifteen minutes I gave a rundown of the marks gained so far, an average of the best seven days out of ten in the course (always marked out of 100 with 40 for vocab and sixty for review tests, group presentations/discussion or short written homework), and the straight A s were told they may take a break next week when other students will be doing the course review test. Then I explained the final test would be the usual open book, dictionnary etc., a global review of the course. A quick run down of what to do after the break: a run-down of the collocations test, pairwork reading other people's homework and making comments, and then a vocab gapfill on pay, and we took a five minute break.

After the break I shuffled up the homework papers, whipped through the collocations, asking them to write in the correct answer (took a tea ceremony book off one student..!)(asked another to quit reading manga..!) and then handed out the papers, asking them to read peer's comments on the management structure of Yamaha, and to write comments below, not on the qualityof the work, but the content. A couple of introductory phrases on the board, like "I agree....is the most important factor." and " I disagree with your position that.....I think..." and away they went.
First not so focused, maybe not used to commenting, but then after a while wandering round and helping i gave a two minute time limit, so they set about scribbling with vigor, and then I redistributed and said do it again, this time they really got into it straight away. When i did a hands up who wants to do it a third time the vote went against a repeat, so I handed out the final vocab gapfill sheet and collected in my mini-reports.

Whipped through the answers reading the whole text verbally as they filled in or corrected, with a mini-discussion of remuneration as oppose to salary, wages, pay, and then repeated the lot a second time so that they could get a feel for the pronunciation and flow of the text, and the chime went on the last phrases.