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Getting there


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Thinking about what my students said about my going so fast, and kind of thinking i could rearrange the entry into the investment roleplay, and spend the first half of the class doing a round robin with the homework, so that one person brings up a topic from the nine, then the next person uses the tripartite agree/disagree format, since that was the homework, and on it goes round, til it's back at the originator. That way they get to do the homework spoken as well, and the element of agreeing/disagreeing may make more sense. cos the homework is excellent, and i want them to get a chance to share.
Then after the break simply do the criteria exercise, make homework reading the framework for the project, and then brainstorm roles in groups for the first groupwork section next week, and instead of doing it in two days, spread it over three...so spend the second half of next week's lesson jigsaw reading the Economist article and deciding whether to invest in Australia....Hmmm, would slow down the overall progress but might be easier to cope with,