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Getting there


Friday, July 23, 2004

To post up about my evaluation sheet:

Two sides of an A4 sheet:

  •  General Course Assessment: Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor
  1. The course met the objectives of learning economics vocabulary and speaking on economic issues
  2. The course provided me with some knowledge of my field of study
  3. Vocabulary Sheet
  4. Groupwork/Roleplay
  5. Textbook/Handouts
  • Course Content Absolutely/Well/ Fairly/Not at all
  1. Course content was designed to be relevant and up-to-date
  2. The examination tested my in-depth understanding of the course
  3. The assignments supported my learning/I have learned to work independently
  4. The way credits were allocated in the course was equal to the workload
  5. I consider what I learned valuable for my future
  • Assessment of Methods  Excellently/Competently/Fairly/Poorly
  1. The lecturer worked hard to make the course interesting
  2. The lecturer gave opportunities for consultation outside the class/helped to overcome difficulties
  3. The lecturere was able to communicate with students/explain things clearly
  4. The course encouraged people to respect one another's beliefs and values
  • Self Evaluation  Excellent/ Good/Fair/Poor
  1. How useful has this subject been in relation to improving your professional competence?
  2. My participation in the contact classes was
  3. My presence in contact classes was
  4. My participation in group and project work was

Any other comments:

Thank you for your time!

I'll count up the results weightings and blog in some comments another time...