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Getting there


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Wrapping things up this Tuesday, wrote up the grading criteria for the short report on the board, in three categories, Length, Structure and Vocab, 0~50 words 15, 50~70: 20, 70~90: 25, 90+: 30, Structure: Introduction: 5, Yamaha Before: 5 After: 5 and Opinion: 5, and 2 points each for using the new company structure vocab from Unit 3 to describe things for 10 points, total 60 in all, like all my tests.

I realized when I was marking that I hadn't asked students to write the number of words on the paper, so I spent some time totting up myself: something to insist on next time....

Then I took the time from 9:15 to check students' vocabulary personally, and at 9:30 began a spot-check, taking time to check everyone until 10:00. A couple of late-comers had no time to check each other, so lost points, but that's the system, otherwise they would all dribble in late and think nothing of it...One of the students simply hadn't learned the words, even though they were all marked learned, and half way through just put his head on his arms and refused to speak any longer. It's not fair, he mumbled...you're picking on me, just give me a "D". Actually his marks are up in the "B" category, but I'm finding out that he has been wangling the vocab and copying assignments to get the marks, without really studying... I continued checking other students, and they had learned their vocab, and the more difficult words in context sentences.

In the break students came to check their average, I haven't got it up on the net in the TERRA system yet, that's what I'm going to be doing over the summer break as I prepare the next course, working out how to post it there and put up past test papers for practice, etc. The student who hadn't studied said, oh, I'm on a "B", I can just walk out now and still get a "C", and off he went, handing in his paper after five minutes.

His friend in the same position stayed till the end, but had just manipulated the multiple choice for probability of correct answers, (very clever, but not the point) and now I'm in a quandary as to whether to accept those answers or not. As I write this I realize I'm inclined not to accept them, even though I didn't expressly rule out that kind of answer (because I didn't think anyone would do something like that. The Classroom Rules say "Respect yourself, respect the teacher."

The students knuckled into the test, and I took the time to note down the vocab work results and hand them back, putting faces to some more of the names. As the chime went some students were still writing, so I waited for them to hand in the papers, asking students who were finished to leave the room silently.