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Getting there


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Briefly the main points I asked the publisher's rep (thank you so much!!) to talk about to the students, and which he dealt with excellently (I was most impressed) in his presentation.

As we said on the phone, it would be wonderful if you could talk to the students about your own experiences of how useful/important languages are in your work, including some hot tips for study, why you went into publishing, and then perhaps a quick mention of the economic trends in publishing (is the internet a threat or a boon? how global is your market/how big is Thomson?) and how the company structure is set up: hierarchical?decentralized? who you report to, what divisions and departments you have to work with, whether there are any conflicts of interest between marketing, production, finance, human resources etc. How Thomson markets itself as unique from competitors(brand value?). Just briefly...