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Getting there


Saturday, October 30, 2004

I found this comment ofTuesday 13th July "I am quite in love with everyone in the class, and find the idea of grading things very hard emotionally. Of course there is the standards thing, and the rubrics, et al to scaffold my decision, ....I'm really seriously going to think about goal setting for the next term, so the onus is more on them."

Part of that is setting out clear rubrics, and I think I'm going to mark the summer assignments with the rubrics I just worked out and then perhaps ask them to resubmit, after running a quick fifteen minute run-over of what i wanted, since I want to use the mark in the final grade for this term. I want them to do the assignment better, learn better how to write this kind of thing, but at the same time I don't want it to eat too much into the Presentation Cycle I have set up for this term, combining understanding of financial aspects of economics and synthesizing information for preesentations. They really need a writing course extra, to do the whole thing justice, but I am focusing more on oral skills in this course. They will however need to be able to cite articles in presentations, so I could somehow combine it, this time I thought more of running a little questionnaire and making graphs, but come to think of it, with a ppt, the third presentation could pick up on an article and synthesize the main ideas for a ppt....so I could somehow feed three birds with one cookie, the need to be able to summarize articles, the need to learn and think in financial and economic terms, and the need to present with a powerpoint...!!

The rubrics are at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?screen=ShowRubric&rubric_id=1098805&

Now I have to whip out the marker pen and lay into these essays!