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Getting there


Sunday, October 24, 2004

I woke up this morning realizing that my Thursday group are all going to send me email with their handouts at ten at night when i am sleeping, or even on the morning of the presentation itself, because I didn't set a deadline....boy this is going to be a lesson in setting deadlines for me and thinking about other people's schedules for them,,,,,or am I going to be pleasantly surprised? that is the question....alternatively I could send an email to a representative of each of the groups setting the deadline,, if I can be bothered to get organized, look up the groups again and find the email in my folder....or use it as motivation to finally work out the TERRA system and tell them to check there regularly for deadlines and things.... I have a feeling I might just ignore things and let us all learn lessons from chaos.

Otherwise since they haven't a clue about powerpoint I think i'll drag in this baby (my laptop) and give them a wee rundown on excel graphs and ppt at the end of the session next week, which means I'll have to find out about organizing a projector, linking cables, extension cables and a screen....so call the uni on Monday, I think. I wonder if hubs by some miracle of geekiness and gadget-loving has a projector hidden in his room somewhere??? Wondering and wishing...