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Getting there


Thursday, October 28, 2004


Just glancing to see if there is anything in the checklist today to give me a clue as to what i am doing differently to Tuesday in my Thursday class, and i see there are only really two items that are different:
1. Demonstrate and talk about your own enthusiasm for the course material and how it affects you personally.

I checked this because as I forgot to say in the blog I explained to the students why arrived kind of one minute late -because I was waiting in case a student came last minute to ask to make a handout print, as had happened on Tuesday, and I didn't want to climb down the four flights of stairs in a rush....so I guess that demonstrates I'm doing my best to support their efforts at making handouts and personally working too.

15. Make the curriculum and the teaching materials relevant to the students.

I checked this because I had a chance to talk to them at the end, since we didn't run out of time, about looking for something in the presentations to hone and emulate. Also my wee soap box talk (just before presentations began) in response to a 23:00 latenight email asking me to print a presentation handout for the next morning. I talked about social nine to five norms when contacting people and asking for favors, linking up the real world and overtly mentioning future working situations.

Can these two tiny incidents make all the difference? How useful is the checklist?