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Getting there


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

one incident that keeps popping up in my mind, is one of the students appealing to me just as the presentation is in the offing, that his colleagues have printed his name much smaller on the handout, and me having a wee look and seeing yes,k it is smaller but it's there, don't worry about it, I said, and a) I'm not sure I said "right now" and b) I didn't follow it up in the melee of marking and moving the whole class along sort of thing. On the one hand the group shows itself up, rather than him, on the other, he needs to talk to the group about why that is happening, and ask himself if he has contributed to their perception of him as separate...or what exactly they meant by it all. Perhaps I can remember to get back to them about it before class next week. I don't think it's a whole class issue, but perhaps it is. I know in the workplace people invest different amounts of time and energy and perceptions of what is necessary or right and fretting over it can lead to stress and unhappiness.

Timing that bothers me: another student who is handing me surplus prints or their summer assignment in the middle of my explaining or going about something else, don't give it to me now, I say, just put it on my desk quietly, that will be fine.

Issues of timing....students have to learn to choose the right timing for their queries and appeals, not just blurt it out oblivious to the world. Perhaps I should bring this up because once you are out in the working world you have to guage your timing carefully too...like when to approach someone for a favor or whatever... I know I didn't say explicitly if there are any spare papers bring them back to me, so perhaps my classroom management is lacking there...