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Getting there


Thursday, October 07, 2004

really happy to see my students again after the summer break, writing up the term explanation, with the new reduced number of vocab sheets and the four presentations, and a quick summary in Japanese, really snappy. Saved so much time we were able to head into my C-R 'trough' exercise early, and i liberally peppered my explanations with Japanese to speed things along. Early break, and one of the students told me it was her birthday, have another worksheet as a present, i joked, any plans? disneyland, they said, oh, i joked, why on earth are you sitting in class then? thank you for coming!

Of course going round helping thirty people is faster than helping forty, so we got to work on the examples and did the group exchange really smoothly, with the result that we still had twenty-five minutes left to look at the presentation sheet i had given my tuesday lot for homework.

This was nice, they took a little time to study the phrases and fill in the words, and we corrected verbally together, me calling on individuals and remembering names, then I prompted and snipped my fingers for a choral repetition of the phrases, so they knew how to pronounce things.
In the middle of this I even had the presence of mind to start singing happy birthday to aforementioned student when it was her turn to answer, and we all joined in, and wished her happy birthday before she answered.

Finally they discussed in groups what they considered the most important criteria for a good presentation, using the tripartite model i presented last term, agree, restate what you agree with, and add something new. Great work, you guys, and for homework have a look at the next worksheet so we can move quickly through it next week, and armed with the fundamentals of presentation skills, we can begin to apply them to Financial English and Economics!!!

(Notice I am trying to get them to attack this because I don't feel so sure of the subject, the intricacies of hedge funds, futures trading, et al are all things i need to revise and explore more myself...although i can see them looking to me as we evaluate presentations for a teacher round up of what exactly i expected them to say on a particular topic....ulp...what was it, socio-constructionism???The teacher is not God???)