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Getting there


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Home again after a good day, tired but satisfied...first impression, methinks I spoke a littttttle too much Japanese today, recapping things and really wanting to get my point across, I personally want to watch out for that, kind of a dilemma, saying things simply over and over and waiting for it to be digested eats up lesson time, so I moved things along faster with the Japanese inbetween, but again, the overall language focus must remain English, from my point of view...

First up we heard a presentation on LBOs and rubric rated it, five people and me. Good teamwork in action, and then I jumped on centre stage to do a pep-talk about the quality of the vocabulary sheet and reconfirm that the English phrases are not to be skipped, but to be used as a tool for discussion in business meetings in future. I also insisted they not just use ancient or really simple words, and that I had remarked their papers, wanting them to work actively to learn new vocabulary this term. I suggested they use all the presentation handouts to speed up the search process, reminded them that's why we put keywords with Japanese or definitions on presentation handouts. For people who's marks I disqualified ( triple checking of papers by two students, invalidating their work and those they checked as penalty) I suggested they come early to future classes and check under my supervision, then I would accept back vocab sheets.

Right oh, 9:30, I called the role, and went into the focus of the new presentation, using a metaphor of an orange. Praised the students, really good work, students in this class are really intelligent and attempt to address wider issues, a big picture, like a whole orange, very good, i said, but right now we are cutting the orange and trying to improve the segments,
the first segment was how to define, use teamwork and emphasis in delivery, and a simple bulleted definition in the handout.

Segment 2 of the orange is focussing on visuals, graphs, and using survey results in presentations. That's our job today.

Segment 3 (using color chalk to segment my orange in different colors per segment and list up elements in those colors) is focussing on summarizing and synthesizing information/articles and presenting the main points and what you think is important, and for that we will use your essays, and please keep the rubrics which I will hand out now with your new group member list.

A word in your ear, the summer assignments were not so hot,k so I will add ten bonus marks on all results, as I didn't teach you, thought you all knew, but since you don't and I didn't hand out rubrics, relax, you will still be getting the grades you aspire to. Sort of thing. Grab your papers in the break, please. And now we will listen to our second up presentation that didn't get done last week (as all the members had finally arrived..)

Marking that, and we all took five. I went round reaffirming individually how the numbers under the essay link to the rubrics, somehow forgot to take a break myself! Silly me....

And then students were in their new groups, and I brainstormed how to get along with new colleagues. Just waiting happily in the silence a little longer to give people time to digest and think (something I noticed as a student myself in plenary brainstorming sessions in the Learning Classroom at Dr. Karen Garcia's office in Learning Times: the moderator is in too much of a rush to move on, so you kind of don't have time to really brainstorm) bore fruit,

one student came up with Talk about the weather....great, I said and we boarded Smalltalk and then another mentioned "Ask questions"..."could you clarify?" "ask for information " great, so I boarded Ask questions, ask for help. Then as students seemed finished, I talked about my workshop experience, illustrating results also with peer examples from the Thursday class, and asked them to try out the technique of finding three things they have in common with group members, using English please, and gave them twelve odd minutes as a deadline for the activity.

I wandered around, sadly I must say I heard but little English, although I think the aim of the activity itself, to find common interests, was effective...
let me see..
  • Banking: We hate Takuya Kimura/ we think celler phone don't need sha-mail/ we like ghibli movies
  • Third World Debt: we all have pet/have driver risence/love drinking
  • International Trade: we like English/studying economic very hard/we are interested in movies
  • International Trade: All have a driver licence/All like Giants, especially Yoshinobu Takahashi/All like drinking. All like Beer
  • Takeovers: We all like Mr. Bean(comedy movie)/We like "uni" (sushi)/We all know Koizumi Junichiro and we like him
  • Takeovers: We save dollers/We are familiar with the exchange rate/ We like TV Tokyo on TV.
  • Pricing Strategies: no parttime job/like drinking cocktail/dislike Giants
  • Pricing Strategies: soccer/Akiko Yada "kawaii" Last X'mas/ sea (with great graphic doodles of goalkeepers and crocodile type sharks chasing scuba-divers)

And one more which seems to have eluded my clutches, so I can't add it now.
I changed two of the topics, from Futures to International Trade and Auditing again had no takers, I think for the article I'm going to have to include something to show how important auditing is to unearth when a company is using wildly optimistic or unreliable accounting strategies... And then I walked round, coaching, and in a trice it was time to go home. So we'll do vocab sheets next week, and have a great week! and I struggled to make sure I put all the loose papers flurrying around me in hurricane chaos and alllll my files this time into my bag, peeping under the desk and walking round the class and peeping into my desk again to make double/treble? sure, and off I went home, shouldering my treasure of files and papers and love of my work....