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Getting there


Thursday, November 18, 2004

In the staffroom printing out handouts, kind of hogged the printing machine today, much to the ire of the friendly staffroom secretary...students are not supposed to be allowed near the machinery, since it's free for us to make prints...but I figure it's my classroom materials, so I'm happy for them to give me the handouts by email in advance, or bring it to me in the staffroom early before class. I had four of each, four by email, four were brought in for me to duplicate in the morning... I admit I touched up the email ones a tad, putting the title in the header and footer section so that there was more space for the actual contents of the handout...I spoke to the students about making sure to use the header and footer after the second presentation, just to encourage them to try it out.

The greatest of great presentation sessions today, I was kind of apprehensive with some of the handouts sent to me, no graphs, or questions missing, but I was pleasantly surprised, everything went like clockwork, and we had five presentations, a break and then three more, to finish just into the break between courses. The rubric marking went perfectly, for a total of sixty, two groups on 49, three on 51, then one each on 52, 53 and 54 as an average out of six markers including me every time.

Looking back, I notice some groups incorporated the question and answer, or used emphasis, or exploited different voices, that we focused on last presentation to make the presentation more lively and accessible. Great use of powerpoint (copied onto paper and held up, no screen), good handouts, and even a short picturebook illustrating insider trading! I also learned how to orchestrate a takeover, and who is in charge of finding out about and regulating insider trading, not the police, but the Ministry of Trade and Industry. I was saying to the guys at the back, at this rate you're all going to get an "A". ...vaguely wondering how I'm going to explain it to the faculty, but I have taped today's presentations, with my cassette player.

I asked students to write me anonymously what they noticed or learned on a mini-slip of pink paper and leave it on my desk on the way out:

10 students were topic oriented:

  • I learned very important words of business today
  • I've learned various types of strategies about economy
  • Takeover is likely to be more famous now. So I understand what is takeover
  • I was most interested in takeovers.
  • insider dealing
  • I understand Insider dealing
  • I think insider dealing is guilty
  • The fine for insider dealing is cheap!
  • Employment of insider dealing regulation needs to be clarified
  • I could learn a lot of things about economy. I was surprised at some nice presentations.

12 students were skill oriented:

  • Everybody used powerpoint so easy to understand!!
  • Speaking with confidence is important
  • They spoke slowly to be listened to.And it has to be remembered the sentences.
  • It is good to use simple and easy words to let people understand
  • I understood contents easy for using graph
  • We should explain the graph in detail
  • I found the difficulty of presentation with graphs. We need long time to prepare good explanation for graphs
  • I learned the timing of the presentation
  • I learned how to show our research. There are many ways, use excel, powerpoint, and so on
  • zenkai ni kurabe, minna daibu naretekita you ni omoemasu. [compared to last time, everyone seems to have got used to presenting]
  • Almost all the presentations were so good, those were good examples. I think I could copy after them next time I give a presentation.
  • I did it.

2 students voiced concerns:

  • 6 min limit makes it difficult for us to speak clearly, slowly, makes us fret, little timing
  • jugyo igai de shugo suru no wa muzukashii. Enquete o totte graph ni suru no ha omoshirokatta. Graph o katsuyo shiteru group ga sukunai [It's hard to meet outside of class. It was fun to do the survey and make graphs. Not many groups really exploited the possibilities of graphs]

Since all students were present, 6 students didn't respond to my request for a learning outcome.

I am so proud of today's work!! Way to go!! Now then, where are my articles for the next part of the course on how to read an article by focusing on main clauses.....get to work, Renata