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Getting there


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

kinda late home after seeing Corony, boy what a class today, ...

First off moving round class listening to students checking each other's vocabulary sheets and insisting on English, followed by a quick vocab blackboard run on how to make an adjective out of president, continent, accident, option, nation, etc. Then asked some of the students to send me their vocab files from last term, or bring them next week for me to photocopy for my research, and then said, well, time to get in groups and focus on your surveys, whipped up a quick blackboard sketch of the handout they would need to make, including topic, survey, graphs and key vocab, and then circulated helping groups refine their questions. By the middle of the class everyone had disappeared to the computer room to begin printing out questionnaires and go survey, or research a little more info, so I had time to sneak to the loo and sit waiting, answered one of the questionnaires myself with a couple of students who came back early and prompted them to look at the weaknesses in their questionnaire ( they were doing banking products and simply had not included a savings account or savings option in their questionnaire...says it all about students and money, eh?)

About half of the students came back for the end of the class, but there were no further questions, everyone was on the go, and I was pretty amazed at having so much free space to sit and do nothing in the class! So this is what the coach/facilitator thing also means, h,m,m,,,,,,

Next week is a public holiday, so in two weeks time, i am looking forward to some amazing presentations....