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Getting there


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Responses on yellow slips of paper to what did you learn, notice during the slew of presentations today (we got through seven, with two postponed for next week)
  • 10 were topic oriented:
  • International trade wo IT tte yakusu koto wo shitta [I learned you shorten International Trade to IT]
  • I study International Trade. I understand many countries have to import some services. Buying stocks transferring control of a firm from one group of shareholders to anoters.
  • International Trade is interesting to me.
  • Pricing strategy of Tamagochi
  • Takeover will come to stay and expand in Japan
  • Argentine Debt
  • bland loyalty Postal savings Debt Japan has a trade surplus
  • Japanese students tend not to have interest on the social problems. We have to know more of them.
  • I learned ordinaly people don't have very much knowgledge about economic.

14 people talked about presentation skills

  • Presentation needs a lot of techniques, we have to learn them
  • How to show performance!
  • I found that it is difficult to present with graph
  • Importance of eye contact in the presentation
  • I learned two points today -speak pointing the handout -take care of the posture and eye contact
  • sturucture is very important!
  • For more clearly structure and Graph is very important
  • Q and A is interesting and easy to understand - simple is best
  • Too special presentation is hard to listen and understand
  • Please speak more slowly, so I can't understand their presentation
  • presentation is very difficult But it was interesting
  • presentation is difficult. I must practice.
  • I like presentation!
  • ketsuron kurai wa handout ni nosete hoshii. I want to write conclusion puresen wa wakariyasuku subeki we had better do more easy.

2 people talked about management/people issues

  • shiranai hito to dato, kekkou junbi ni jikan ga kakaru. dakara kufu ga deinakatta no kamoshirenai. ato happyou ga 2kai aru keredo, 1kai wa tomodachi to, mo 1kaiha shiranai hito to yaru to ii kamoshirenai [when you're working with someone you don't know it takes a long time to prepare, maybe that's why we couldn't get polished. There are two more presentations, so maybe it's a good idea to do one with friends and one more with people you don't know]
  • ima made amari hanshita koto no nai hitotachi to menba- ni nate kara, iro iro yaru no ni jikan ga kanari kakarunode sukoshii muzukashii to kanjita[I was teamed up with people i've never really talked to , so i found it a little difficult because doing things took a long time]

At the end of the class one of the ladies came to ask why her team's presentation had such a low mark, so we were looking at the rubrics and found that the time had been marked wrong by two people...is there any way to punish people who are not marking properly, she asked...well, that's why the marker writes their name, I said, and you should be checking as you add up the results...I'll fix the average, I said, but a good point, indeed.

Then another guy came up to say why were we doing all these presentations, the other classes weren't and all this wearing suits was a pain and he wasn't free to switch classes... I feel like we were talking separately, I reaffirmed that we were doing both Economics and skill learning at the same time, that he could be proud of going the extra mile and reminded him how many presentations were being done each day, and how useful they were in the future, and asked him what kind of work he was aiming for...undecided, was his response, and then you're dodging the question, he said....I wish i'd used my training in listening to kind of mirror what he was saying and clarify, rather than just restating my position, I felt like there was a total miscommunication in some ways.

The classsssss.....with the two week break inbetween it was clear the thread was somewhat lost, and then the teams being new members, it was clear there was a lot of last minute preparing going on during the class so that nobody was really listening to the first presentation, plus quite a few people were late. I kind of went with the flow, when nobody was ready to follow up on the first presentation (which was pretty awful, no use of graphics, no use of Qand A or emphasis or anything, just reading your bit haltingly in turn stuff) I gave that team five extra points for having had the guts to go for it even though it was clear they had lots to improve on...and then slowly groups started presenting, it was so miserable i kept jumping up on stage inbetween to model a bit more of the techniques I wanted, thumping on the desk to gain attention, or holding up graphs and pointing, or simply modelling emphasis again, doing male and female voices, talking about the importance of not going over time limits, and slowly as the class wore on the presentations got a little better as the later groups tried to implement what I was reminding them of, and get better marks overall. But no attempt to make blown up graphs in PPT style at the front, nowhere near as visual and polished as Thursday...sigh, taking a little longer. It's the holidays inbetween chopping up the course, so they lose the thread, I think, Thursday is two days ahead and surging forward with gusto.

Two groups left at the end of the day, so they all stood up and we checked they were wearing suits, so next week when they're on, they don't have to wear one again. So that was it, feeling kind of tired with jaunting to Kyoto yesterday I guess, although drinking in the autumn leaves was good for the soul!