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Getting there


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thinking about tomorrow:
after vocab sheets, well done in this class,
Hand back essays, and rubrics, say we will look in more detail at presenting an article in the third presentation, if any queries about marks to see me at end of/after class

THEN:I will hand out the list of groups ( reaffirm: in a working situation you have to work with all kinds of colleagues and you may not be on good terms with them....therefore:
AIM: How do we get on good terms with people we dont' know very well or may not like from a previous negative impressiong?

My Idea: Personal Story, shinseido workshop, find three things you have in common, establish a shared basis of enthusiasm to feel safe!

PLUS: review of last term: choose a group leader, and watch the time! BREAK? 10:05~10?

so kids in groups, when they have noted down three things all group members share in common, come and choose the new presentation topic!!!!

  1. Auditing
  2. Third World Debt
  3. Pricing Strategies
  4. Futures and Hedging
  5. Takeovers
  6. Inside Dealing

The presentation flow:

  1. Start with an Intro
  2. Provide a definition (review of first presentation skills)
  3. Focus on an issue
  4. Present results of a five question survey of ten/fifteen people on the issue WITH GRAPHS
  5. Conlude

So the focus of this presentation is setting up a survey and polling an issue (mention survey monkey???)

REMEMBER:The importance of surveys = review of article from two weeks back, Nikkei Weekly Oct 4th, 2004: Net-based researcher challenges status quo, about a venture business selling IT-based customer etc. survys

Students will first finish the worksheet (from Ian MacKenzie Financial English, Thomson) and then focus on an example and set up a questionnaire as I circle and help with formulating the questions,

offer simple worksheet example to help???