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Getting there


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Student Comments: What did you learn?

Content-based comments:
  • Nuclear power, the cost of AIDS, Electricity Car, GM Food, Driven by the oil price. Prius <->Corolla
  • Nuclear power is unliked by people
  • I got much information about Nuclear Power, and hybrid cars
  • I learned the most quantity of power generation is nuclear power. I am surprised at the mileage of Prius which is 35.5km/l.
  • I'm interested in hybrid car. I learn what is necessary to use hybrid cars for ordinary people.
  • I study that the technique of GM food is not perfect
  • People use the same article for presentation, but notice points are various. So many men, so many minds.

Presentation Techniques

  • How to make presentation more interesting
  • Various kinds of devices are needed in presentation
  • I learned not only the knowledge of society but also the way of good presentation. I'll use it next presentation.
  • This presentation is very fun. Every group uses nice handout and clear voice.
  • We must speak more slowly and more emphatic, otherwise we can't understand about contents.
  • The most important point of speaking English is not word, but is timing.
  • Everybody doesn't remember their own essence. In presentation, they stare at their paper who speak + a the audience.
  • I know that it is important the gesture to explain the difficult topics.
  • The other group presents "nuclear power", so I could learn the same subject from different point of view. Also I learned the importance of body language to speak plainly.
  • I think teamwork is the most important point on group presentation. It is necessary to make presentation clear.
  • Laugh is an important point in speech.
  • gesture and graph is important
  • When we do presentation to show big graph and list is very important. It is easy listening.

Evaluation of Progress

  • Many people seems to have less preparation. Doing presentation is good experience.
  • Today's presentations are good. Everyone gtets to understand how presentation becomes good. I'm looking forward to next presentation.
  • Everyone seemed to get used to do presentation.
  • naretekita no ka yoi group ga fueta [maybe we're all getting used to doing it or something, but there are more good groups]
  • minna [everyone] everybody is fantastic!
  • I thought everyone get good
  • Excellent!!! Everyone getting gooood!
  • everyone great presentation
  • Everyone get good at presentation.