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Getting there


Thursday, December 09, 2004

well a brilliant fun performance today, we all started off sleepy and slow, the first presentation group not up til 9:30, which meant we ran out of time on the last presentation...In the meanwhile I asked them to sign the consent form for research...and unpacked all my various paraphenalia at the back as usual...handed out little green slips to collect learning experiences comments, and then off we went, in full swing, with great enjoyable presentations.

I noticed that my comments to the groups after the presentations on the strengths and weaknesses were done in private to one or more of the group members as the next group set up, rather than in public as on Tuesday, because somehow on Tuesday I feel there is so much more they could be including, and want everyone to notice....but come to think of it, it may be embarrassing and create upset to have weaknesseses exposed publicly, when they have done their best...need to notice! and keep my comments private on Tuesdays too.

Unfortunately one group had a missing member, so rearranged for the three of them to present, only then there wasn't enough time, so they will do it next week. I see from one of the comments they felt a little irked that the work of revamping for three was wasted...

During the last presentation I really noticed they were all standing peering at the floor or at each other's paper with friendly concern, so I started taking photos with my cellphone...the tweeetle tweet of the shutter made them aware of what was happening, and by the third photo they were standing up straight and smiling more. I'll need to send on the photos later on.

So the comments, 22 out of 29 students, one absent

Topic focused:
  • All the topics are very interesting. I enjoy this class!
  • Today's topics are more interesting than last presentation's topics {I think so too! tee hee, but then I'm not a banker...
  • Economy has some social problems. For example, food, disease and energy
  • GM foods are dengerous
  • GM has both advantages and disadvantages. It is a difficult problem.
  • The percentages of AIDS is high Sub-Saharan Africe that I learned.
  • I learned many economic problem, I am interested in costs of AIDS I was surprised at percentage of people with AIDS
  • increase the number of the AIDS
  • I don't agree to nuclear power. a nuclear power plant is in Nigata. My family live in Niigata.

Presentation skill focused

  • Various presentation made me surprised!
  • hitori kesseki de, sekkaku 3nin de purezen dekiru you ni kousei wo kateanode, konkai yaritakatta desu [I really wanted to present today, because we went to the bother of changing the whole layout for three since one student was absent]
  • Had a fun.
  • I thought they were used with doing the presentation.
  • Some handouts were made clearly and beautifully.
  • The level of each presentation is better than before. It's very good.
  • I need more team-work.
  • We have to spread the variety of research for the presentation...
  • The preparation is important
  • Good posture is imortant!
  • Eye contact and body language is important in presentations.
  • Korosuke no e ga yokatta [The manga drawing of Korosuke was great]
  • Today I learned how to present. Thank you Teacher [heart mark]

The highlights of today were as noted above the drawing of a manga character on the board to illustrate the poor and how profits can be made, BOP theory, great use of visuals and humor there. And from my point of view the success story of one student who is kind of retiring and quiet, but whose use of emphasis, voice modulation and pacing was absolutely perfect, great relaxed presence onstage, making a moodmaking joke with fellow presenter, altogether outstanding, I was impressed and very happy. But all in all, with marks ranging from 50 to 55, these presentations are indeed better and better, a joy to be a part of. Today I feel blessed!