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Getting there


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yoooohooo christmas is coming!!!!
I had a wee handout with jokes from the web, as a kind of xmas ending to the class, but basically I sailed into class up to the back table to spread out my stuff as usual and karen and I sat down, I had to ask some students to leave the table for us, but they know the routine by now. One of the students who had to leave and wanted to go first said they were missing a group member, but I said they should go anyway, and so the first presentation began minus one member. It was really good, and as the day proceeded the level was maintained, so that there was a plethora of great presentations, ideas and things to learn. The second team had this silly green buzzer that you slapped on and it buzzed, and after a Q&A set-up they would slap on it for emphasis, which was really funny, and got everyone's attention and everyone laughing. Brilliant!

I had my hands full reminding markers to put their names on the rubrics when they mark, and to volunteer to do extra marking in order to get bonus points, and asking for time keepers, and the like, and spent most of my time running around making pictures of the presenting teams, and suggesting they use more hand gestures to emphasise or list up, and even lifting up chins to suggest they need more upright, confident posture, not peering at papers. Inbetween I quietly suggested particular things to each team, although I found I had very little time to do that, so not as often as I might have wanted, particularly since my taking pics all the time for each team meant that i had to rate the rubrics after, so doubly busy.

Some fantastic posters, great use of graphs, fine use of voice, Q&A, emphasis, all in all I was so proud, and at the end i told them all and we had a resounding clap, and then I thanked them some more and said i was so happy again that karen could see it, and we all clappped again. Then I handed out the jokes, reminded everyone of the new year test, and to hand in the yellow slip of paper with their learning memo, and then we were tidying up as I wished people a merry christmas when they delivered the yellow slip. PURRFECT.