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Getting there


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Things that bugged me about today's class:

Some groups of students just disappeared off to the research room without consulting with me, showing work and generally promising to come back....

The tsunami team were going to research on the basis of the handout made by a student who is involved in a job search thing and did the whole handout as his contribution....but felt mighty miffed by my pointing out all the weaknesses that needed addressing..fix it! I was saying, oh boy this is hard to take, they kept saying, we didn't make it, they're not our mistakes, Irrelevant! I was saying, I'm pointing out things you need to fix, go do it! and come back and show me the resultsss....10:45...I was trying to stagger the return times so I would have time to go over whatever they had created or offer advice and check, which worked out really well for my first team, giving me the opportunity to look at their intro and revamp it with them, and gave them a clearer idea of the aim of the whole speech.
The team of front runners had done a lot of research but had nothing concrete to work on with me, so I explained again that I was there as a resource, and if they brought nothing to ask me, then they were neglecting a possible resource and chance to grow...I know they will do fine content-wise...
Inbetween all this the ladies had disappeared, (yeah well I do know they will get on with it but....wished they'd ask for permission, as it were) and another group left two members only who had worked really well on an impressive handout, worked through that with them and spent the last moments structuring up a mixxed team's presentation, working through the whole structure, deciding on which data needed to be collected/researched, and delegating it to four different people in the team ( two absent). It pepped up really well, looks to be quite a good presentation. I guess by modelling how to do it that way, they will know better how to work on things another time... and so my last day of research came to an end, I walked away with a sheaf of course assessment questionnaires to read on the train, looking forward to leafing through the comments and getting a buzz on the ratings. More on this at some point, will need to be counted and made into percentages etc.