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Getting there


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Writing this last entry a day late, yesterday's Friday class was a last Tuesday class, with one student handout to be printed I had a really relaxed time in the staffroom looking over the students' term performance and checking whose grades I still needed the tiny extra bit of oompph for to bump them into the higher grade, and whose presentations I would need to be watching carefully...

Up to the room I sat in the centre rather than the back, trains late again, (so many suicides lately, every day of class these past three or four times) and spread out my bags, and went round to see which group was ready to start, handing out the pink slips for mini-comments. (Of course some students are there on time even though trains are late, which means they set out early...dedication! Or perhaps they just live in different areas...) First up so I passed out the rubrics, asked for my regular timer to go for it, did a kamen rider dance and changed into Kim Jon Il, and sat down to listen to what I consider to be the best presentation of the day in terms of what I taught, great use of voice, structure, clear content, repetition, ooooh top marks on all the rubrics except for two sort of thing...Proud of you guys!

No break today, just whacked through the presentataions, and there was no need for me to say anything, so much to be seen and learned and experienced student watching student, as it were. Great humorous takes on the casino and the tsunami stuff, with one student functioning as Kofi Annan, another as Tokyo Governor Ishihara, all in all well designed, very original, although not quite what I had intended. Very proud of my mixed team, who had researched well, and worked in a student who had been in hospital.

Had time at the end to stand up and say thank you to the students, and that I was available for helping out with resumes or job application letters, that I hoped they remembered their networking and people skills along with the Economics knowledge, and that there was no way I could grade them in the end, that the only person to grade them was themselves, and to be proud of what they'd done and always go for gold.

One of the students said they were looking for a post with a foreign firm in Japan, so I suggested they also apply straight to the parent firm in the US. No point getting fixed on one country, as it were. I don't know if I'm being naive, but of all my students they could make a go of it abroad, I'm sure.

Off to the uni office to hand in the grades, and to apply for access to the uni puter system for posting files etc, for 2005. Yippeee, time off to write up my research! And to reread this here blog for leads on how to improve....