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Getting there


Friday, April 22, 2005

In response to my idea yesterday of needing more meta reflection, I woke up this morning with an idea to do self-assessment for the group discussion, with six categories,
  1. preparation
  2. speaking
  3. listening
  4. ideas
  5. responding
  6. doing your best

and students can rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 and have their assessment countersigned by another group member.

Then inbetween I'll work on responding, uh huh, hmmm, yeah, right, and eye contact to facilitate turn-taking, and do a wee C=R exercise with a tri-partite model on how to agree, using adverbials, exactly, definitely, repeating with tiny vocab variations even if you had the same idea, then expanding with further reasons or examples why you think that way too.

Finally then students can run the same discussion questions in another group (different members) for another twenty minutes and grade themselves again and see if/how/ in what areas they have improved. I get to see this second self-assessment, countersigned...or both? Both for my sake, research data and all that????

Last year I accepted one group discussion sheet for all members and graded all the group members the same marks on the ideas noted down as they chatted. I noticed the note-taking distracts from the chatting time and the flow, and I'm wondering if I should ask everyone to take notes after the twenty-minute discussion, then we do my C=R on responding, and then a new group same discussion, with a final personal note-taking setting and I get a copy of every student's paper for an individual mark out of sixty...

ho hum, the marking of such individual work is a prob, and so the group mark works better for me, this week I already have 90 odd vocabulary sheets and cell-phone exercises to mark, and what with Japanese granma in hospital, tomorrow will see me unable to work or study...Plus I want to make photocopies of some work for data. Plus I have to set up this meta-cognitive rubric thing.... Grading is influenced by teacher time too! So methinks a repeat of last year, group discussion sheet for the group, plus individual meta-ratings taken together for sixty??? Hope I figure it out by Tuesday.