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Getting there


Monday, April 25, 2005

I've been reading over the early may entries in my blog to see how I proceeded last year and what i did wrong, as it were. I think that after my group discussion I went into the section on graphs, and verbs describing rises and falls, before moving into a worksheet on the business cycle. I think this time I'm going to give students an Economist article on the recovery of the Japanese Economy from April last year, and ask them to work on the meaning and vocab, and the agreeing phrases, rather than in the discussion class, because I don't think there's going to be enough time. Then I'll be looking at the business cycle and what may cause it, endogenous and exogenous factors, and agreeing or disagreeing on those points, reinforcing both agreeing with modals and business cycle concepts, before moving into graphs after that, followed by the investment discussion.

What I haven't done so far is introduce the group leader jigsaw task and how to be a group leader. This is vital technique for the investment discussion, so I'll work on it there, also using some exercises from last year's test. Instead I've been able focus on vocabulary techniques, to do C-R about economic meanings of words and using synonyms to repeat things during discussion, which also will be reinforced by the business cycle exercises. In other words I'm going to streamline things so that they make a clearer progression in reinforcing techniques and skills.

Over Golden Week while students work on the Economist article, I can be reworking my exercise sheets, particularly with a view to working on how verbs describe graphs, and which tenses or aspects when, as in "GDP slumped in 2002 and has been rising since", like when to use past tense and so on.