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Getting there


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Transcript of Class 1 The beginning of the first day

[My name is Renata] Switches on tape: Teacher at centre front of room:

Suzuki ( sound of chalk as I write on the board) and this is K107 English for Economics, and ah..I hope you all make sure when you register don't make a mistake, you're registering for K107, K108, Renata Suzuki.
For the first term the room is here. For the second term the room is in Kioi 108, okay, so this is only for spring term. In autumn we'll be over in the Kioi building, okay? Good.

I'll look forward to getting to know your names. Ehm eh, by the end of last year I knew the names of everybody in my class but I'm afraid I don't know your names yet, so please forgive me if I learn it and forget it and learn again and forget again, I'll try hard to get to know you as best I can.

Okay, we're going to start the class with a bang, please just take out a little bit of scrap paper, any kind of scrap paper that you have, a little bit of notepaper or...anything that is paper, and I'd just like you to make a tiny note of things that we need to study. What do we need to study (sound of chalk on board writing up question) What do we need to study Economics together for one year? What kind of things do we need? What kind of rules do we need? What kind of tools do we need? Rules and tools (sound of chalk on board) and ah, attitude (sound of chalk) Ok?
Okay, so you have ah,it's09:18 so you have five minutes until 9:23 please think about it, you can write it in English, not in Japanese…write it in English, make notes ok? What do we need to study Economics in this [] together?, okay, go go go and I'll come round and help you…brainstorming, brainstorming…

(Sound of rustling and students chatting some laughter, Renata moving round the class): what do we need to study anything is ok [inaudible] yeah, get that brain into action, good morning,,,, so we need to stretch (as one student stretches), that's what you need, write it down, you need, you needed that, right? So what do we need to study? Stretching, for you, stretching, ok, good..Goood morning, just brainstorm, what do you need here? (Mumbles and murmuring as students talk) Come on time next time, welcome…(Talking privately to one student centre right about coming to the course on Tuesdays or Thursdays and handing her out the papers so she can leave to take a different course..)talk to the Faculty, it's not my decision, that's fine but I can't give it the ok, so you missed last Tuesday? I'll give you my prints, that way you can review what we're doing (walking over to the table to get them)…carry on, keep going, fine (rustling papers) okay so you…[explaining the course in a small voice as the student prepares to leave] One more minute, what do we need to study?…Rules and Tools and Attitude, I see empty paper, I see no paper, (laughing) well, what do you need to study, you need paper…laughter, I see late student, oooh I see a late student…please come on time….okay, if you're late, thank you, nice attitude, come in and sit down, don't talk…okay good, it's ahh 09:23, please stop, please put pencils down, listen to me again.

Teacher back at centre front:
Ahmmm does anyone want to tell me what they've got? Does anyone have any ideas of what we need to study together for a year? Anyone going to volunteer? No, well I didn’t think you would,… I didn't expect you to..I'm going to give you my idea of what I think we need…ah, a paper called classroom rules, I want you to look at what I thought was important for the year, I want you to think about which ones you thought of yourself, comparing your own ideas to mine, I want you to think about which rule is the most important, which rule is problematic, oh my god, I can't do this, it's gonna be difficult, and which rule is self evident, self evident means of course, that's clear, everybody does it anyway, it's obvious, self-evident, it's clear to everyone, it's basic, it's so basic, it's obvious, it's self-evident. Okay, and which rule is desirable, ooh this rule is very good, I like this one…okay, so here we go , here are the rules, have a look

(walking around handing out papers)hand them back please, thanks, here you go, my ideas, compare with yours, take one pass them back…so read the rules please, again, take a couple of minutes and try and fill in down the bottom you have 1,2,3,4, so try and fill in, which ones are good, which ones are important, make notes again..down the bottom you have most important, self-evident, desirable, try and fill in…

Okay (back at the front) let me read it for you so you hear it as well: Please bring Study materials, study materials including a dictionary, for my class you need a dictionary, [Student's name] has one already, very good, thank you, yeah…and switch your phones to manner mode, okay, there's no clock in here we need our mobiles, we'll have a break round about ten o'clock, five minutes, every time, you can keep your mobiles here that’s fine but make it manner mode, okay number two come to class on time, [student comes in the door]thank you for coming make it on time next time. Okay being late disturbs the class so come in quietly and very good, model student here, late, [laughter] but coming in quietly sitting down quietly, nice, good good . [laughter] Okay the brain needs oxygen and water, your brain, you want to think so drink in class, you can bring water, tea, very nice over there we have some tea, lady with tea, that's good. Your brain is working, there are chemicals in your brain, chemicals need water, electricity in your brain needs water to have the chemical reactions, okay..Make use of the opportunity to streeetch okay everybody stretching ooouuuaaa ooooahhhhh wake up good morning, moves the blood, moves your brain, good for thinking…Tape ends