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Getting there


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Creating the Basic Motivational Conditions
1 Demonstrate and talk about your own enthusiasm for the course material and how it affects you personally.
x Yeah, well see the earthquake episode below.
2 Take the students learning very seriously.
x I can't imagine not doing this, today I spent half an hour photocopying every paper, I hand back assignments with a personal word, I set my sights high. I bomb students with homework and manipulating ideas.
3 Develop a personal relationship with your students.
x Yeah, well i do, learning names, caring, taking the time to find a backprint of the yahoo group address for a student after class.
4 Develop a collaborative relationship with the students'parents.
Haven't managed this. Can they not inform their own parents? Definitely a blog is in order here, it seems crystal clear, only I haven't taken the time to set it up. But loading the graphs seems to me to be an ideal scenario....
5 Create a pleasant and supportive atmosphere in the classroom.
x Had a bit of humor today, (albeit origin me) earthquakes and dying happy...specially today no pressure to perform in any way, in front of peers or in the group, just to cope with me and my worksheet...in the privacy of your own immediate environment using any tools you feel happy with including your neighbor, sort of thing.
6 Promote the development of group cohesiveness.
Didn't actively do this, although I personally feel I have a better overview of the subgroups?
7 Formulate the norms explicitly, and have them discussed and accepted by the learners.
I'm thinking we could spend five minutes reviewing norms some time, I kinda wish more students would bring highlight pens, which as I told them is one good visual way of supporting study
8 Have the group norms consistently observed.
No break for me...?
Total Strategies Used in Quadrant 1
Percentage of total strategies used in Quadrant 1

Generating Initial Motivation
9Promote the learners' language related valuse by presenting peer role models.
x Each student has a sample graph from last year, four different types in all. Do it better, I said, these are not perfect yet! But they are impressive.
10 Raise the learners' intrinsic interest in the L2 learning process
11 Promote 'integrative values by encouraging a positive and open-minded disposition towards the L2 and its speakers
x I mentioned the link to the sustainable model fo the economy at our yahoo group, eemsophia, and try to promote its use. Also asked students to try the online exercises made in the UK on explaining graphs, also a link posted at the group
12 Promote the students' awareness of the instrumental values associated with the knowledge of an L2
x Career building, how to quote sources, very important
13 Increase the students' expectancy of success in particular tasks and learning in general.
x I never asked anyone to volunteer answers, always gave explanations in both languages and modeled how to solve, or wrote up answers on the board.
14 Increase the students' goal-orientedness by formulating explicit class goals accepted by them.
15 Make the curriculum and the teaching materials relevant to the students.
x Highly relevant, and something that was missing last term. Instead I am losing the endogenous exogenous bit of my class...wondering how to wangle it back in.
16 Help to create realistic learner beliefs.
I haven't confronted any erroneous beliefs on the nature of learning languages or things that contribute to success, although I would love to point out one student who is phenomenal, with only two odd years of English the amount of work they are putting in is a straight trippleAAA. I'm hoping everyone will see her work on graphs!
Total Strategies Used in Quadrant 2

Percentage of total strategies used in Quadrant2

Maintaining and Protecting Motivation
17 Make learning more stimulating and enjoyable by breaking the monotony of classroom events.
x Today was a sit and slog, sink or swim class, but I really enjoyed it :P I guess it also gives a feel of direction and getting the knowledge concentrated sort of thing.
18 Make learning stimulating and enjoyable for the learners by increasing the attractiveness of the task.
See how Doernyei calls this personalizing tasks, making tasks challenging, making content attractive, tasks which yield tangible finished products...hmm, if having a grid filled out is tangible? Content is about manipulating justifications for your prognoses, in terms of sources and statistice, , so attractive? Haven't checked this one tho....
19 Make learning stimulating and enjoyable for the learners by enlisting them as active task participants.
20 Present and administer tasks in a motivating way.
x I chunked today differently so that there's less confusion in small groups. I think that the tight, concentrated fast pace with me in charge is also motivating sometimes. (It's a style I personally like a lot, then I go home and think in peace)
21 Use goal-setting methods in your classroom.
22Use contracting methods with your students to formalise their goal commitment.
23Provide learners with regular experience of success.
x If success means being clearer how to do things right from the start of a task, and if you can't even begin to think how to answer, then you know the teacher will model, then today provided more experience of success than Tuesday. There were different types of exercises in the worksheet, matching sentences, analysing, skimming text, understanding adverbs, making your own sentences, so a spread of ways to achieve, altho, not so hot on speaking today, that is for next week!
24 Build your learners confidence by providing regular encouragement.
25 Help dimish language anxiety by removing or reducing the anxiety-provoking elements in the learning environment.
x Spoon feeding, clucking Mama teacher rules the roost today?
26 Build your learners confidence in their learning abilities by teaching them various learner strategies.
27 Allow learners to maintain a positive social image while engaged in the learning tasks.
x Oh yeah, work with friends, no need to perform
28 Increase student motivation by promoting cooperation among the learners.
I totally abandoned promoting a network of cooperation among a variety of learners today.
29 Increase student motivation by actively promoting learner autonomy.
If you remember the vocab sheet, I would have to check this every day, so 100%, for the whole course, but otherwise not so hot today??
30 Increase the student' self-motivating capacity.
Total Strategies Used in Quadrant3

Percentage of total strategies used in Quadrant 3

Encouraging Positive Self-Evaluation
31 Promote effort attributions in your students.
32 Provide students with positive information feedback.
33 Increase learner satisfaction.(celebrate achievements, display work)
34 Offer rewards in a motivational manner.
35 Use grades in a motivating manner, reducing as much as possible their demotivating impact.
Total Strategies Used in Quadrant 4

Percentage of total strategies used in Quadrant 4

Taken from Doernyei, Z. Motivational Strategies in the Language Classroom. Cambridge University Press 2001