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Getting there


Saturday, May 14, 2005

marking vocab I notice one student has reused vocab from the first week...didn't think I would be making photocopies and checking! To my face they are all cooperation, but there's a wee scam going on in terms of not marking memorizing on vocab at all, and of sharing homework and the like, with a particular group near the back door....I plan to take them to task, I already warned them a bit about attitude last week towards the end of the Tuesday lesson.

Also seeing that due to my C-R sheet on agreeing and disagreeing, because I used the real examples from the Economist article, the students are naturally using and copying the use of the present continuous and the present perfect to describe trends, which is a skill my last year lovelies didn't have, because last year i was using textbook examples which focused on describing graphs in the past tense, which is all very well, but in discussion we are mainly talking about here and now and projections and trends, so present continuous and present perfect are just right!

Sailing into next week five with plans to skim the econ articles for endogenous and exogenous factors, to be listed in a table, and then some analysis of how the text cites statistics and introduces sources (interesting because the source with very little statistics has a mass of sources, and the other one only has one GDP document as a source but quotes statistics from that in some detail....journalistic padding at work? How to sound well researched and well read, good techniques for my sweeties to be acquiring and noticing :P ) Followed up by looking at peer graph quizzes from last year and homework being to find and describe your trend with graphs.

To be follllowed in week six by a share and read, then a minitest to vary the marking system.