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Getting there


Thursday, May 12, 2005

More on Thursday Day Four
before i forget, what was also interesting for me was when i said that for the second last question of the worksheet any of the answers was ok, that it was a question of how you were feeling in terms of agreeing, that you could choose is or may be or might be, there was a kind of sigh of excitement? disbelief? happy relief?, it seems they were all wondering about what was RIGHT, like the way in japan only One Answer is Right, I love those moments when there are doors unlocking in minds and the idea is clicking into place that grammar is a tool in the service of meaning.

I am indebted to my Tuesday kids for this realization, blogging Tuesday I had mentioned I was worried about the marking of the homework aspect, and I realize that as we marked in class I was realizing there was more leeway in the ranking of the strength of agreements than I had thought originally when I made the worksheet, and also there was more leeway in the answer to number five, which I failed to realize during the class, but realized riding home on the train looking over student papers. Which is great. Which is me unlocking doors in my mind too. Something about red pen mode and the expectations of right and wrong associated with it? I must remember to let my Tuesday students know that task five has more leeway as well.