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Getting there


Monday, June 06, 2005

It's nearly tomorrow and I'm really excited by the research files that have begun to be loaded at the yahoo group eemsophia, either by me or by students (YES!! one so far, and a named empty folder I had to delete, whipped out an email apologizing for deleting, but I don't want everyone's names up there).

Many students of Tuesday last week handed paper copies of research to fellow students, or, methinks, are using email, or I also gave them the option of handing out copies first thing tomorrow. By contrast I expressly asked Thursday's people to share info by email or the yahoo group, so i'm hoping it will get more and more exciting, I have made four new folders in day 8 for students to load stuff in, file named according to criteria.

At any rate this idea of pooling the info, researching a tiny bit and then getting the lot together, and making a decision based on info provided by other people, this is exciting, at least, it is for me, I hope it is forstudents, they can see what other people are doing and ping ideas.

I took the time to type out some sample reasons (Homework Day 6) why students chose particular investment criteria as important and loaded it into Day 7. A huge spread of good ideas, many minds are better than one, for sure. Suddenly it seems to me one great new aspect of this course is the yahoo group, and I should be thinking of adding a special section to my end of term research feedback questionnaire concerning the yahoo group and student feelings about its use in this course.

Bed now, perhaps time to glance over archives of my blog of last year and see where things were at for the investment discussion.