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Getting there


Monday, June 06, 2005

Just read over old blog entries, and see that I was running a small test after the discussion, which I am not going to do this time, I'll be using the rubrics to grade the discussion, plus accepting evidence of preparation.

I was reminded of a great way to split up banks, use all the different colored attendance slips ( I think there were about ten) and have a Blue Mitsupo Bank and Yellow one and so on, that way it will make the grouping smooth.

I notice last year I was battling with students trying to explain the vocab sheet and what it's about. I was doing that a little more at the beginning of term, I think with more focal explanations at the board things are smoother this year. I was marking my Tuesday papers today, and will make photocopies of them all to study once term's over, but I can see there is more understanding of collocations this time, and only a few students who are still not attempting to read or find interesting vocab. I seem to have a larger proportion of intelligent but skiving students on Tuesday this year, whose grades rocket up and down, mixed in with absences, ....