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Getting there


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just taking a moment to blog in details of my investment collocations test.. last year, 2004, 53.3% was the average score for Tuesday and 62.8% for Thursday. This year I italicized the collocations, and the average was higher: 2005 Tuesday 58.3% and Thursday 65.7%. The highest score was full marks, 60/60, 2 students on Tues and 4 on Thurs, the lowest was 15 on Tues with 3 students, and two students on Thursday getting 8/60.

For the first item, 13/31 and 13/32 students got viability correct. The highest alternative choice was 7 and 8 students (Tues and Thurs respectively) choosing "estimated cost".

The second "ROI" 19/31 and 29/32 respectively, with viability 4 on Tues, and exchange rate 3 on Tues. Maybe my hint to Thursday guys "What is the main criterion for investment?" helped them ( this sentence is in the gapfill text).

The third "Political Stability" 16/31 on Tues and 22/32 on Thurs. with project the running favorite for mistakes on Tuesday with 3 students, and negotiations on Thursday for 4 students.