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Getting there


Monday, June 27, 2005

Thursday, June 21

so late blogging this time, I remember my essay marker saying I was too uncritical about blogging after class, saying what happens when you come home drunk....well, I may not drink, but this time the family has whammied me with demands, like, granps staying over inbetween an operation, so no time to blink...

Thursday was a really static class, very mental, I remarked on it to two students after class, and they said once in a while is okay, which is what I think too. We started off by looking at number three on the worksheet, I didn't have to cross check Thursday students on vocab checking as they were all diligently working, and I could hear the English phrases round the classroom, very nice. Having labelled the diagrams, what exactly are these little boxes and lines, what does company structure mean, I queried, and proceeded to explain the departments, and then talked about my husband's company as an example, how the walls between sections are high, and the rivalry to get a slice of the budget, the real example worked well.

After that we whipped thru the labelling which plan matches which section part of the worksheet and took a quick break, and then I asked everyone to just think of why Yamaha was successful and write it down., having read out the samples from 2004. I think having worked on this idea of rivalry and different planning goals in the worksheet made the whole understanding of just what Yamaha had achieved clearer, so there was intense silence and concentration as everyone wrote.

I realized we were out of time to share, so I said thank you, and sorry about being out of time, and how I hoped they realized how important sharing and communicating is, also through the medium of my class, and that my own opinion was that a crucial factor in Yamaha's success was a willingness to admit mistakes and learn, which links back to day one and the Class Rules, and that I would love to read all the opinions, and we would share next week, along with the homework.

I haven't made a test although I announced one, methinks i'll just ask for comments on the homework and give everyone a lift up grade as we move into the final exams, with about twelve exemptions per class. Interesting how the A students have come seriously to class every week, with at most one absence...