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Getting there


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Many students hadn't checked up on yahoo group mail, and one said they hadn't even joined, but fortunately I had a backup plan, I gave them last week's Nokia article from the Economist, and asked them to make a sheet there and then on the spot, to see how they went about it and what words they would choose. Students dribbled in, and I had to dock marks from three students for being late.

Overall about six students out of 26 had checked yahoo and brought vocab, and again only four had found the past exam papers in day 12...I asked one student about their opinioin of using yahoo groups, they said they didn't like the password hassle to get in and preferred me to hand out prints in class so they didn't have to use yahoo, which is basically what I also did, until a couple of times at the end. Please write that on the final comments questionnaire next week, I begged.

Meanwhile I apologized for having misled students about the vocab sheet last week, and said that I would not penalize anyone, that it was more about seeing how they went about a task, and that after ten vocab sheets I was interested to see how their skills in picking out vocab from a text had improved....(somebody was waving an economics vocab book around, that's exactly what I don't want you to be studying, get on with the reading articles and see vocab in real contexts, please.)

Then I handed out test papers and silence reigned, I walked round helping out here and there and reminding people of worksheets to look at for hints if they had them. And marked most of the stuff on the train,

it seems to me the weakest areas so far have been unjumbling networking sentences, polite agreeing and disagreeing, (so much for C-R), and group leadership skills, (so much for jigsawing), and also somewhat the pay issues of the previous week, but then that's kinda new. Mechanical things like sorting industries into sectors, and telling if a trend is rising or not, things that can be done on the spot with little understanding, were best navigated....of course the results are still to be calculated, and the top performers are all at home....ooooh arrr, i grabbed a group of seven loiterers on the way out and said it was more about reaffirming what there was to know, particularly if they were not going to bother to learn it, because that way they can look it up when they need it. Well you guys, have a good week, and off I went to the station....