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Getting there


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This blog entry looks at my workstations, with the heading of what I wanted students to notice, and then what they reported from their groups as noticing. I gave students a quick rundown of what I had wanted them to notice also before they left for home.

  1. PPT as a handout: looks good, but some text is so small it's illegible. Needs numbers.
  • Simple is best.
  • They used efficiency powerpoint.
  • Color print is not good when you use powerpoint handouts.
  • easy to look at
  • have a graph
  • There is a block of vocabulary each paper
  • PPT makes it easy to understand.

2. Text handouts: Changing font size and styles shows a hierarchy of importance of knowledge about a topic (one handout had dense text only), or highlights presentation structure. Diagrams support topic comprehension at a glance.

  • I can understand with clear graph.
  • well knowledge but too much writing
  • Their sentence is too long to read.
  • Handout clear to see.
  • good length of handout is important
  • It is not good to use only long sentence
  • Exchange Rate, careful preparation

3. Paper visuals to be held up (An A4 printed color PPT, A4 manga explanation of Insider Dealing): Visuals need to be big enough to see from afar, colorful, one-word info, possibly better projected than printed.

  • Hand made picture is very good.
  • Their character is very pretty.
  • Too much spelling mistakes. Cartoons make easy to understand.
  • Vocabulary sheet is good.
  • Trying powerpoint is good.
  • good visual

4. Four LBO Handouts: Too much Japanese in handout, diagrams need English titles, good use of indent, boxes and diagrams/flowcharts

  • The figure helps us to understand what the Leveraged Buyout means in a short time.
  • well structured
  • It's not good to use much Japanese
  • handout clear
  • easy to understand as it uses good visual
  • Their contents is economic
  • Clear visual is good
  • I think it needs vocabulary's explain, summary and table

5. Peer Photos: Presentation Posture and Eye-contact: Standing up straight, sometimes turning to another speaker, but relaxed.

  • Every one is up face
  • They couldn't do enough eye contact
  • Looking at audience makes good impression
  • Posture have a paper
  • Good posture is important
  • official appearance

Gotta run, more later...