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Getting there


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The homework:

  1. To learn twenty new vocabulary from the presentation handouts
  2. To read, rubric grade and comment on a peer's summer assignment
  3. To study one other presentation topic(ppt and handout) for a minitest when we get back to class in two weeks' time. (So load them in to our yahoo group, load them in!) Now if anyone's reading here they'll know I made that up on the spur of the moment, and that the minitest will consist of five minutes with a blank sheet of paper to write as much as you know/learned about the topic...ha ha, can't make seven different tests based on their work, oh no...)

Today's presentations were great. I had printed one great handout sent to me by attachment, and one weird one that got sent in an email and scrambled, but I wanted students to notice what not to do, so I made the 42 copies as requested. Other students made copies themselves, or didn't for various reasons, but in the main they were getting there.

Everyone had a power point, and the structure work we had done meant that everyone structured nice and clearly. Very PLEASED, I am. What is missing now is the delivery, the enthusiasm, gesture and the teamwork interaction of voices, rather than just one after the other.

So in two weeks time (Day 5) we will be focusing on delivery (need to make a new worksheet) in groups that I decide, according to the principle of putting people together who don't always gel. ( So also a social interaction learning component, how to find commonality with others)...

Management-wise I got in early and the office guy helped me set up the screen and pull out the box with the projector, and then I got a ppt file out. At first it wasn't projected, some connection stuff, but the guy showed me how to push FN and F5 to get it projected and on screen, and we had time to fiddle with connections. I realized I had forgotten my attendance slips where I get all students to sign for attendance and give me a reflection of what they learned/noticed in theclass. I'll type these in at a later date, I'm so busy right now editiing a paper for LTR (pray for me I get published, oh yeah!) At any rate as I dashed out in the corridor, only to have a colleague come to my rescue by offering to share theirs.

After setting up group orders, asking early birds to go first (with a five point sweetener for first ups, since they can't adopt techniques from other bgroups) I started class by explaining the marking system: Five different people, one from each group or so, would be markign each presentation by rubric, and then hand it to the leader of the presentation for an average of six (including mine). Today we had 47, 49, 49,50, 52, 55, 56 as averages out of sixty.

I had a great time pestering groups with questions to get the responses we had practiced on Day Two...mostly students weren't prepared, although overall the structure bits were great and the content (which is almost incomprehensible, altho ppt helped) was fine, towards the end students cottoned on to at least consulting Day 2 worksheet to cope with my questions.

More on student responses to the class later, gotta work on a publication with the LTR in Asia series, a landmark opportunity, pray for me!!