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Getting there


Sunday, October 02, 2005

well well well after the looong summer break, looking forward to heading into the new term. I want to read over past posts for 2003 which will be in the October2003-January2004 archives, to see what it was I did last time, and ping ideas for how presentations, which is our goal, needs to be approached this time.

I have already posted a new link in eemsophia http://www.iasted.org/tips.htm
It has actual presentation tips for actual presenters at theThe Fifth IASTED International Conference onWEB-BASED EDUCATION~WBE 2006~
January 23-25, 2006Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,
based on a textbook they cite:
Munter, Mary. Guide to Managerial Communication. Effective Business Writing and Speaking. 4th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1997.

I need to make backup copies of all my eemsophia days 1-13 from the spring term and clear the group space for autumn collaborative pooling. I'm hoping students will use the yahoo group as a platform to pool information when they can't all meet f2f to prepare for presentations, handouts and so on. Last year they were all busy sharing cell numbers and mail addresses in a kind of networking experience, perhaps this year they will also use yahoo for networking.

I have been thinking of making day one a kind of go round and look atphotographs and peer work arranged in ten workstations, to trigger ideas about what makes a good handout, presentation posture, use of visuals etc., so small groups circulating from workstation to workstation taking notes of what they notice, and then looking at the presentation rubrics to see if they think the weightings and issues mentioned there are valid, or need redoing. Must read over what I did last year tho!